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My take on it all
Submitted By _InsertBetterNameHere_ on 11/03/24
Mars Recruiting Group, _InsertBetterNameHere_, Documents 

I came up with some strategies for recruiting people.  I know we have a lot on this site, but I just thought I would offer my take.  

Here it is:

Step 1: Host a server, ideally a lesser-known but really cool custom world.

Step 2: Wait for people to join

Step 3: When people join, play awhile to figure out if they are noobs

Step 4: Ban any noobs, keep the decent people, and continue to Step 5.

If they are all noobs, then quit the server and try a new one.

Step 5: Get to know them.

Step 6: Follow one of these strategies:

A: If they seem interested in the world you are playing and where you found it, then talk about how you found it on the forum and that there are lots of worlds on the forum.  If they are interested, then talk about the benefits of the forum and of registering.

B: If they are new and they want to learn how to play, then tell them how to play, then talk about how you can learn a lot on the forum and by registering and talking to other people.  (And by reading the FAQ)

C: If they seem interested in your MRG name badge (or any other one for that matter), then explain the club and talk about how if you register, there are tons of clubs to join, and you can even start your own.  

D: If there are other registered people you know on the server, then say something, to no one in particular, like "anyone want to come over to __________ (really cool world) and play _______ (awesome game)?"  If the other regs are interested, then keep talking about it.  If a non-reg is interested, then say something about how you usually password games like this but you let registered people in.  Make sure you still make the game you will play sound appealing and interesting.  Say you would be happy to play with them, though, but they should register.  Also go into some of the benefits of registering.  This will get them to register so they can play with you. I know for a fact that this works because that's what got me to register. 

Always always ALWAYS tell the person about the FAQ!  That could very well be the most important thing to read on the forum.  It is essential for players to have read the FAQ, especially if they fall in the Strategy B category.

Some DON'Ts when trying to get people to register/DON'T just join a server and right off the bat, say "why aren't you guys registered?  you should register." This just sounds like advertising and makes people not want to register.

DON'T do any of these strategies UNTIL you have done steps 1-4.  If you don't get to know the people first, this creates a greater opportunity for noobs to register and spam the forum and the game.

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