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Submitted By WingKnight on 10/04/12

When I saw your recruitment methods, I though of my own acquiring of an account. It started last year. My friends and I were looking for a fun widget to play in computer class. We found ME, and started playing in a coded game. It was so fun, we started playing at home. I started practicing on my own, even when my friends weren't available. I got bored of the features at that time, so I checked the site to see what was coming. I started checking more often. One day, I stumbled into the forums. I started reading the posts. Ideas started forming in my head. I wanted to share them, so I made an account.
I felt like sharing because it is a different path to an account.
(Please don't include me in the list, I don't yet trust my skills)

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Posted 2010/04/13 - 6:46 GMT
Nice story, WingKnight! My arrival in the Martian community was quite different. When I first started playing Mars, I met Kruncher who amazed me with his dogfighting skills (I was just a newbie at that time). He showed me how to dogfight and in time I became familiar with the experienced people on Mars. Eventually, I came across the forum and decided that I wanted to become a part of the regular Martian community. Which leads me to where I am now ;)
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Posted 2010/04/14 - 12:48 GMT
I rember years ago, I had just found this awesome widget called marsxplr. (this was the 1.0 ver.)
I was playing that widget 4 a year when I was realizing that fewer, and fewer people were on, so I finally clicked that aubreyfalconer.com link, and I clicked "Mars Explorer" turns out you were at ver 1.7! So, I found the fourms, and was looking at all of the cool posts, and the respected playas, and I decided, what the heck, I want to be like them, and here I am now
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Posted 2011/03/17 - 3:11 GMT
My story is way different.  I discovered Mars Explorer about 2 months ago, at school.  A bunch of people were obsessed with it and always playing on it.  At first, I didn't get the point, but then I started playing and I was immediately hooked.  I started playing it at home.  Once, before I knew the forums even existed, I was googling custom worlds, and I noticed that practically every page that came up was on marsxplr.com.  I started looking around, and that's when I discovered the forums.  I didn't register until a little while after that.  I was playing on a game, and Yoshi and a couple other registered people were on, and they were talking about playing hide and seek on another world.  I asked if I could join, Yoshi said he usually passwords his games and only lets registered people on.  I registered, and have been posting and commenting ever since.

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