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Submitted By fluoride on 10/04/01
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Hey! Ive have been in the Mrg for a couple of days now, and i have already gotten 2 newbies too join the forum. ;)
I can not remember their names as i type... future reference will be here

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4 days - 12,512v
Posted 2010/04/05 - 7:12 GMT
Good job, Fluoride!
10 hours - 1,381v
Posted 2010/04/05 - 19:32 GMT
I am grounded of computer.
i will not be on until june.
please spread the word to the experienced mars community
4 days - 12,512v
Posted 2010/04/06 - 8:11 GMT
Sure, I'll try to tell people...
2 hours - 376v
Posted 2010/04/07 - 0:39 GMT
WHOOF! Sucks, man! That's a long time to be grounded from the computer! I will spread the word too, if I can. I don't know why I couldn't. So I will. :D

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