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How to get good players playing
Submitted By Totoro on 10/03/06
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Even though the goal of this group is to get more registered players, we need to get the RIGHT people.
What I like to do:
1. Server hop: I go from server to server in search of talented newbies. If I find someone with adequate talent, I engage conversation.
2. TALK!!! Tell them that they are pretty good and that they should register.
3. When they agree, tell them about all the features that they now have access to. If they don't want to, tell them anyway. :-)
"After you have made your account, introduce yourself on the forum! That way, you meet the experienced players and get friends: no one wants to be friendless! Also, ask for tips. That way, you become a better player. Also, try playing the actual game with your new account. Remember to login! If you have any questions, just talk to me or look it up on the forum. Remember, look before posting, as this annoys many people. Finally, have fun! Play the game and respect other players!"
or something like that.
All right, I hope this helps!

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